Kinneret German Shepherds: Breeders with heart!

At Kinneret, we are deeply passionate about animals – dogs especially! We breed three very different types of dog, namely gorgeous German Shepherds, fancy French Bulldogs and lovable American Akitas.


As an established and accomplished breeder, we ensure that all of our dogs, from our stately German Shepherds, to our French Bulldogs and American Akitas, are bred responsibly.  It is this commitment to breeding excellence that has Kinneret as an established importer of stud dogs from Germany, serving to promote outstanding bloodlines and pedigrees.


Our German Shepherds are renowned for their outstanding achievements in various dog shows, as well as for their impressive pedigree and lineage.


As a potential Kinneret customer, we offer helpful information and background information on our breeds to assist you in choosing the breed most suited to your home and requirements.  Feel free to  click on any one of our award-winning breeds to find out more about each one. We highly recommend pet health insurance to all clients wishing to make one of our dogs part of their families.


We also have several puppies for sale! Please view our current and upcoming litters for availability of puppies.


Please note that photographs used on this website are of dogs that we have bred or owned.  Because each litter differs, the images contained on our website are not a guarantee that your puppy will have the same colour or features as those previously bred by Kinneret.

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