American Akitas: All The Important Details

American Akitas are another of the stunning breeds we offer, and these unique dogs are popular for their dignity, alertness and devotion to their family. They have almost feline personality traits, as they are known for cleaning themselves after eating and known to be neater and tidier in the house than other breeds of dog. For more details on this gorgeous breed, read below.

Vital Information


American Akitas have heavy bones, with a body that is big and a little longer than it is tall. They are very strong, which allows them to hunt easily through snow and other rough terrains. These dogs are known for being energetic and having an alert gait. Akitas make an ideal companion for those who enjoy being outdoors, as they possess a strong guarding instinct and a weatherproof coat that protects them from harsh conditions. Their fur is about 2 inches (5 centimetres) long with a dense inner layer with harsh outer wrapping. Their coats range in colour from white, brindle, to pinto.


American Akitas are obedient and loving towards their masters and are constantly alert. They are independent dogs with a courageous streak. Be warned, however, as these exotic dogs can be stubborn and dominating – but will behave very well under the guidance of a capable trainer. This breed does show signs of aggression towards other dogs and can become nervous and agitated around strangers.


An Akita is at its very best when kept inside the house with outdoor access – as with any dog, they enjoy the best of both worlds! To maintain their obedience, regular mental and physical exercise is vital, and should include running in an enclosed area or a long walk. Their weatherproof coat will require occasional brushing to remove dead fur, with this practice becoming more frequent during the shedding seasons.


American Akitas live to the general age of 10-12 years and occasionally suffer from putellar luxation and cranial cruciate rupture, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) as well as other minor health issues.  Annual visits to your vet are encouraged, we recommend pet health insurance.


As with our other breeds of dog, our breeding practices ensure that these health risks are minimized and appropriately mitigated.

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