German Shepherds: All You Need To Know

German Shepherds are very close to our heart here at Kinneret, as for years we have bred these majestic dogs and placed highly in shows with many of our studs and bitches. They are a truly beautiful breed, so if you are interested in acquiring one, please read below for their characteristics, to help you decide if German Shepherds are for you!


Our German Shepherds are distinguished by their superior breeding, and originate from carefully selected and mated studs and bitches.  The majority of our studs and bitches are imported, from Europe, with an extended line of own-bred impeccable dogs listed under Females  and Stud Dogs  as “of Kinneret”.

Vital Information


German Shepherds have a lush double coat, comprised of a thick undercoat and a dense and slightly wavy or straight outer coat. Their fur is medium-length, and comes in colour combinations of either tan and black or red and black. There are some rarer coat colour combinations, such as all black, all white, liver and blue. “Long-coats” have increased in popularity with pet owners and are identifiable by their long tufts of hair, known as “feathers” behind their ears and on the backs of their legs and belly. Their tails are also fuller and are quite bushy. Their sturdy body is quite long, generally between 22 inches (55 centimetres) and 26 inches (66 centimetres) in proportion to its height. This gives these dogs their characteristic strength, agility, elasticity and long, elegant strides.


German Shepherds are known for being protective dogs, and will be devoted to their home and family, often maintaining a suspicious and aloof demeanour towards strangers. Some have found them to be dominant and assertive towards other dogs, but they are generally friendly and playful with other pets in the home. They are highly versatile and adaptable dogs, with a sharp intelligence and high affinity for duty and efficiency when performing tasks.


These dogs can live outdoors in cool or temperate climates, but – as all dogs do – they also enjoy living indoors! Frequent training or regular exercise sessions are vital for keeping your dog’s mind and body active, and because their coat is shed year-round, they will need regular brushing to encourage turnover, as well as to minimize the spread of fur around the home.


These regal dogs have an average lifespan of between 10 to 12 years, and because we import only the finest studs from Germany – with the cleanest and strongest lineage (or bloodline) – we minimise their risk of common health issues. Annual visits to your vet are encouraged, we recommend pet health insurance.

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